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Broughty Ferry Timebank gratefully acknowledges the support from Caledonia Housing Association  

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Broughty Ferry Timebank gratefully acknowledges the support from The Broughty Spotlight  













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Welcome to Broughty Ferry Timebank, Broughty Ferry's community-owned Timebank. Join today to become involved in volunteering in your local area. As a member of the Timebank you can get active doing jobs, tasks and favours to help other members at mutually suitable times. You can then request help in return. And the great thing is that members give their time for free.  

Broughty Ferry Timebank is open to individuals and organisations.





What is Timebanking?

Timebanking is an informal way of volunteering

which brings people together to help each other

out by doing small jobs, favours and tasks, etc. 




To date - 133 registered members and nearly 15000 hours of volunteering in the community  




Catering, DIY, IT support, CV help, Lifts to appointments, Gardening, Shopping, Walking Group, Book Club, Dog walking, Companionship, etc.



How does it work?

Timebanking works on the principle that everyone has some talent, skill, hobby or interest that would be useful to another person. For every hour you give, you will receive an hour's credit and then you can claim that time back from a fellow member when you need something in return! And remember that you can give as little or as much time as you can.

All the activities are agreed between the Timebank Coordinator and the members who are participating in the task, job, hobby, etc. Members give their time for free.  

The Timebank Coordinator is always there for the initial meeting to make the introductions and to confirm that the activity taking place is the one which has been requested.


Broughty Ferry Timebank is open to individuals and organisations in Broughty Ferry.


Who does it help?


1. Make new friends

2. Get satisfaction from helping people

3. Be rewarded by others helping you

4. Do the things you enjoy doing when it suits you

Your community

By being  a part of Broughty Ferry Timebank you can get great satisfaction from helping in your community. This in turn will help bring your community closer together!


What do you get from it?

What is so rewarding about joining this Timebank are the mutual benefits to be gained for the people who become members of Broughty Ferry Timebank. You will participate in tasks, jobs, hobbies and activities in a relaxed and informal way. This results in personal satisfaction, and gives a sense of having done something positive and worthwhile.

Joining Broughty Ferry Timebank is also a great way to get to know people in your local community.


Remember that we all have something to offer our community and Broughty Ferry Timebank is here to welcome you as a member of what is a very meaningful and valued local volunteering service.      


Thank you.


Broughty Ferry Timebank is open to individuals and organisations in Broughty Ferry, but does not exclude people from outwith the area if they are prepared to accept that there will be a requirement to travel to participate in Timebank activities.


1 Hour = 1 Time Credit

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